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Student Feedback Form

Name of Student : Class: Name of Teacher: Subject: Academic Session:
1. Is the teacher regular in class.

2. Does he take full periods (48 min.) alloted to him.

3. Does he come to class in time ?

4. Does he explain well?

5. Does he come to class with enough teaching materials?

6. Does he use background to teach?

7. Does he make sincere efforts to teach you?

8. Does he guide you how to write the university exams?

9. Does he work hard to explain?

10. Does he encourage you to study and be successful in your life?

11. Does he honestly try to complete the course?

12. Do you feel free to approach your teacher when in doubt?

13. Does he give you any suggestion regarding your study?

14. Does he encourage you to read other books/news papers?

15. Is your teacher a person with knowledge?

16. Do you think he reads a lot?

17. Do you like his/her classes ?

18. Does he give examples from day to day life to explain his point?

19. Does he use question bank/university question papers to iprove your result?

Any Suggestion :

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